Congratulations on being named as a finalist in the Screenplay Contest for Halloween 2017!

In recognition of the fact that there could only be twenty-six winners from hundreds of entries, we are making a special offer to all writers named as finalists: Have your horror screenplay published and made available as a paperback and e-book on Amazon for just $34.99.

We will design a cover based on your screenplay's synopsis and Judge's Feedback. Your cover will include your laurels confirming your screenplay's status as a 2017 finalist.  We will set you up with your own personalized, easy-to-use publishing account and will allocate your screenplay its own ISBN. It will be published and made available for sale across the world via Amazon. 

Via your publishing account, you remain in complete control of your screenplay. You retain all rights to your screenplay and you will receive all royalties directly from Amazon for life. You can make changes to it if you decide you want to, plus you can choose how much to sell it for.

To avail of this offer, simply purchase the package below and then email your receipt reference and the name of your screenplay to We'll send you an acknowledgement and will get started on publishing your screenplay.  

This offer is only available to screenwriters who made it as finalists. You MUST have been named as a finalist in either the short screenplay or feature-length screenplay categories to qualify for this offer. 

Publication of screenplays will be prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis with an estimated turn-around time of two weeks.