What happens after I have purchased a publishing package?

A member of our team will email you within 24 hours and ask you to confirm your book's details, i.e. author name, title, synopsis, etc.


Once you provide this information and email us your book, we will get to work on preparing a draft version, including the cover. We will email this draft to you and, once we have received your approval, we will have your book available for sale within a few days. 



What happens after my book is available to purchase? How do I track sales?


Once your book is available for sale, we will email you details of how to access your publishing account, from which you can monitor sales. The publishing accounts are simple and intuitive to use and come complete with helpful customer support if you do have any queries.


How do I get paid?


You will get paid directly by your book's distributors, which are Amazon (for paperback and e-book) and Lulu (for hardback). Your publishing account allows you to securely set up for receive your royalties by electronic bank transfer. Amazon and Lulu will pay you directly on a monthly basis.

I'd like to order some copies of my book. Do I have to purchase them through Dizzy Emu?


If you would like to purchase physical copies of your book, say for friends or family, you can order them directly via your publishing account with an author's discount. 

If someone else buys a physical copy of your book, the order will be fulfilled by Amazon (for paperback) and Lulu (for hardback). 

Any other questions


Please get in touch - we'll be happy to answer any other questions you might have.


Dizzy Emu Publishing was established in 2015 and is the world's leading independent publisher. We publish everything from fiction to non-fiction, including novels, screenplays, graphic novels, biographies, educational books, self-help books and business books.


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